Programs and Weekly Schedule

A Day In the Life of an ICMI Student will include: 

  • 1.5 hour Orchestra Rehearsal (string students)
  • 55-minute Chamber Music Workshop
  • 55-minute Chamber Music Rehearsal with a coach
  • 25-minute self-directed Chamber Music Rehearsal
  • 15 or 30 minutes of Individual Instruction, depending on which Program Option is chosen
  • Optional Fiddle Group Class and/or Body Mapping Session
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Social Activities and hang out time


A Glimpse of the Weekly Schedule:

July 1st: Registration Day. Come to the ICMI location, Rennies River Elementary,, between 12-3 pm to register, pay remaining fees, and participate in a Welcome Play-In with other students.

July 2nd-6th: Regular classes take place. Classes will take place between 9:00 am-4:00 pm, with a lunch break. ICMI students will participate in a concert on Friday, July 6th. There will be social activities and events scheduled throughout the week. More details to come!

July 7th-8th: The focus will shift when the weekend hits.  Only chamber music masterclass, chamber music rehearsals, and orchestra rehearsals will take place in order to prepare for the upcoming concerts.

July 7th, in the evening: Social Activity for the students! Last year we had pizza and a bonfire. This year, we’d love to get your feedback to see what  you’re interested in doing on Saturday night.

July 8th, mid-afternoon: The ICMI Final Concert will take place. Location TBD!